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// DEPOSIT - Click HERE for our deposit policy

// CONTACT - Click HERE for contact info.  Please note due to the high volume of emails it may take up to a week to for you to receive a response.  If you do not hear back from us in a weeks time please resend your email.  Its rare that we overlook an email but it happens from time to time.

// SCHEDULING AN INITIAL CONSULTATION - Please email the shop ( or the individual artist directly via our contacts page.  Please include a brief description of the work you are looking to get along with approximate size and location.  Please forward any references you have for the style or subject of the tattoo.  You will receive a response within a week after which you can work with the artist on scheduling a consultation.  During the consultation you will discuss the specifics of the project as well as place a deposit for the tattoo appointment. 

// DEPOSITS - Deposits vary from 25-100 depending on the artist.  All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  In the case you need to reschedule your appointment it is required to give the artist a minimum of 72hrs. notice.  If you fail to give the artist sufficient notice you will be required to place an additional deposit in order to schedule the appointment.  You may reschedule once before an additional deposit will be required.  The ONLY instance your deposit may be considered for a refund if the artist is unable to keep your schedule appointment time/day. Click here to read the full deposit policy.

//  DESIGN - If your appointment is with or Carter you will not receive a drawing/sketch before your scheduled appointment date.  Carter does not pre-draw tattoos.  He will work with you on the design the day of your tattoo appointment. If your appointment is with Aaron he may offer the design for you to review before the day of the tattoo.

// PRICING - Pricing will depend on size, location, and the amount of detail.  Many times the artist will give a rough estimate or range for the cost of the tattoo.  Hourly or daily rates may apply to multi session pieces depending on the artist.

// PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT - You may begin to moisturize the area to be tattoo'd twice a day leading up the the appointment date.  The day before your tattoo we recommend you get a good nights rest and refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages or consuming ibuprofen or any other blood thinning agents.  

// THE DAY OF - We recommend you have a good sized breakfast or lunch the hour or two before your appointment.  You may also bring snacks with you though they must be consumed in the lobby outside of the tattoo area.  You may also bring a book or phone to keep your attention.  If your appointment is longer and will take you through lunch time we recommend packing a lunch or we can also recommend one of the fine dining locations located within driving distance of the shop.  Please wear appropriate attire in regards to the location of your tattoo.

// FRIEND POLICY - Due to Covid 19 restrictions noone will be allowed to accompany you to your appointment.

// MINORS/CHILDREN - We do not tattoo minors under ANY circumstances.  We also have a no children policy for safety reasons as well as for our own mental health!  Please leave your children with a qualified child care professional.

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