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// Thank you for choosing CLOVEN TATTOO for your next (or first) tattoo! Please review our deposit policy carefully as they are non-refundable.

/ All deposits will be put towards the final cost of your tattoo. In the case of a multi-session piece your deposit will go towards your last session. There will be tax on the total amount of your tattoo including the deposit, on the day you start working on your piece.


*Your deposit is in place to hold your appointment date and time. It is insurance for our artists in the case that the client does not show up for the scheduled appointment date.  When a client does not show up to their appointment, the artist is at a financial loss for the day. This is also the case, although rare, when the client shows up for their scheduled appointment and does not go through with the tattoo. For any reason.


/ We value your time so please be considerate and value ours. We have a 72hr rescheduling policy.  If you give your artist notice 72hrs or more notice when you are unable to make your appointment you may reschedule once without losing your deposit once.  If you reschedule with less than 72hrs notice, the artist may not be able to fill that spot and therefore be at a financial loss for the designated appointment time.  If you reschedule a second time you will lose your deposit even if adequate time of notice is given. If you show up for your appointment and decide you need more time with the design or to think about your commitment you will lose your deposit for the day so that the artist can be compensated for their time. 


/ Your artist is not responsible for reminding you of your appointment. Please do not expect a reminder of your appointment date and time. Your artist may or may not provide a draft of the design before your appointment date.  Many of our artists prefer to work with the client on the day of the tattoo.


// the ONLY instance your deposit may be considered for a refund is in the case that the artist is unable to keep your scheduled appointment date.

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