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Covid19 Guidelines

At Cloven Tattoo we are doing our best to maintain the highest in safety and health during this pandemic and Covid19 outbreak. We have made many upgrades and changes to our procedures at our studio for yours and the artists health in mind!


We have been hard at work preparing our studio with new protocols and procedures that will be practiced before entry and from the time each and every client walks into the studio.



- Clients must wear masks at all times.
   If you are not able to bring your own mask your artist will provide you with a single use disposable mask prior to entering the                   premises 

- Clients will not be allowed ANY guests/company or visitors at any time while in the studio.

- Clients may only bring in essential items such as phones, glasses, credit card, or medically necessary items.

- Clients will implicitly make their artists and shop owners aware if they have a compromised immune system prior to consultations or       appointments.



- Artists will do a daily health assessments for themselves and clients.
- Artists will maintain 6ft distance from other clients and artists when possible.

- Artists must wear masks during every consultation or appointment.
- Artists will be asked to wash and also sanitize hands upon entry. 

- Artists have separate hand sanitization areas in each tattoo booth.
- Artists will maintain good hygiene including hand washing etc.
- Artists will clean and sanitize workstations and high contact areas throughout the workday.

- Artists and studio will limit room capacity to meet social distancing guidelines.

- Artists will meet any additional guidelines established by the studio.




- Cloven Tattoo can require 30 second standards of handwashing from their clients while present at the facility.

- Cloven Tattoo may refuse service and require a client to leave if the client refuses to follow CDC guidelines and shop guidelines for sterile conduct while in the tattoo facility. 

- Cloven Tattoos can require a doctor's release of-infection or the results of a lab test for COVID-19 with a negative reading if the client had previously been tested positive for COVID-19 but has since recovered. 

- Cloven Tattoo may refuse service/admittance into their shops if a client displays symptoms of COVID-19 that were previously undisclosed such as constant dry coughs, visibly sweating over the body, or fails to have a normal body temperature. 

- Cloven Tattoo may require notice after a tattoo session if any guest develops COVID-19 within 14 days after the tattoo session to alert the artist of potential contamination as well as the establishment’s manager.

- Cloven Tattoo may impose a 14-day absence of an infected artist from the tattoo facility from the date of contact with an infectious client or the artist may be tested at a clinic for COVID-19 to be cleared to return to work after a negative reading. 

- Cloven Tattoo has the right as general contractors to defer the legal liability to their subcontracted artist if the individual artist transmits COVID-19 to their clients without informing the shop owner/manager of their condition prior to coming to work. Shop owners/managers will instruct potentially infected artists to stay home if there is a potential for a COVID-19 infection from that artist. The guest/client, the artists, and guests of those artists in that facility will find the individual artist who did not disclose potential symptoms prior to service liable for any state or shop guidelines set forth to prevent cross contamination.







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