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Style:  Black-Work, Linear Shaded

IG:  @carteriht

Education:  Tattooing since 2005 

Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Washington

***All scheduling done via email.  You MUST READ THE FAQ BELOW BEFORE SCHEDULING.





// - Schedule - I currently work Mon-Fri 10am-4pm 

     *select weekends in the fall and winter will be available for multisession pieces.

// - Process - I would like to tell you a bit about my process as it may differ from other artists/studios

     - First, in most cases I do not draw custom tattoos ahead of time.  Most of the tattoos you see on my page, unless flash, are designed the morning of the tattoo appointment.  By doing this I am allowing a more direct collaboration with the client within the design process.  I do make exceptions when necessary, usually for more complex larger multi session pieces.


    - Second, I welcome references and preferences!  But I will not copy a reference or style.  I will do my                 version of the subject.  I ask that you are familiar with the work that I produce before scheduling so that 

     we can be on the same page when designing the tattoo.  I believe, when viewing my portfolio, that the 

     the common aesthetic tying the images together is fairly clear.  If you do not know feel free to ask!

- I DO NOT do fineline style tattoos and there are no fineline style tattoos in my portfolio.

// - Pricing - Most tattoos are priced by the piece.  I can give you a range that the tattoo might fall within.  

     If you have a budget please let me know as that may affect the design.  I get asked all the time for an 

     for an hourly rate.  Hourly rates only apply to large multi-session pieces.  I currently charge 200/hr.

     This is the standard rate for any quality artist in our area.

// - Session Length - If your tattoo is a single session piece I can give you an estimate of the time it will take

     to complete the tattoo.  If your tattoo is a multi session piece I usually start at 10am and finish at 2/3pm. 

     A 4 hour session is usually the best cutoff for both client and artist.

// - IF you have any questions or are ready to schedule you may email me at:

     Send a description of the work you are looking to get done including size and placement.  You may 

     attach any reference images or those of the area you are looking to cover.

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