Style:  Illustrative

IG:  @aarontattooist

Email:  aarontattooist@gmail.com

N E C R O F A U N A.  This design is based on the only creature, an extinct Pyrenean ibex, to have ever been biologically revived or recreated by the process of de-extinction. It was the first and only animal to have undergone the de-extinction process with moderate success. The animal was born, but died several minutes later due to a lung defect. This tattoo memorializes the individual creature. 


The ibex’s eyes are closed, symbolizing the failure of the body. A blazing orb, representing the consciousness. The wreath, for honor. Lastly, bubbles representing chemical reactions, and the aspect of man’s creation.


This tattoo would work well with a thigh, side, or asymmetrical front/back.